Centre Plus Merino Ewes

We have received requests from around Australia to know what Centre Plus ewes actually look like. These photos should help a little to answer those requests.

Merino Ews They tend to have a bigger rump with more neck extension and longer noses than more traditional merinos.  This type has evolved over thirty years of selection for an All Purpose Merino breeding objective. It is not a modern day cross of different breeds, as some would have you believe.




Merino EwsThese photos were chosen from commercial Centre Plus sheep taken in better times to remind us we are not always in drought, although it sometimes seems like it.  In 2008 older ewes (above maidens) from one of the pictured flocks lambed at 135% ewes joined to lambs marked. This in a year with just over half their annual rainfall.



Merino RamsMany people when seeing Centre Plus ewes in short wool as in these photos believe they are too plain to have good wool cuts.
The photo of the flock rams is to show the type of wool production after 12 months grazing in a ram paddock.


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