Mating Lists

The following mating lists show all the Sires used at each of the Centre Plus nucleuses each year. The tables also show the Sire, Dam and number of ewes allocated to each Sire.

The breeding values in the tables are the historical values at the time of mating. For current Centre Plus breeding values use the Tag search on the main page. For out side sires use the MERINOSELECT web site.

Tables prepared by Robert Mortimer.

2003 mating
2004 mating
2005 mating
2006 mating
2007 mating
2008 mating
2009 mating           2009 Mating Prediction Table
2010 mating

The mating prediction table shows the ASBV’s for each sire used in the Centre Plus Flock. With the number and average ASBV’s of ewes mated to each Sire. The table then shows the predicted outcome for each Sire group.


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